Dog Training For the Family Dog


Why We Train

We train because we believe that dogs are members of the family. We train people and the dogs who love them to understand and communicate with each other better. We train because we’re problem solvers. We train because we have decades of expertise and because we’re passionate about teaching. We train because we love dogs, and the people who love them.


Meet Our Trainers

Each Wag It Better trainer has been carefully selected because they embody founder Heather Moore’s ideals in dog training. Each trainer brings their own set of excellence to the training environment, and every trainer loves your pet as much as you do. The Wag It Better team’s collective goal is to help you and your pet work together on improved manners, behavior, and overall happiness at home and in your community.

Heather Moore, CPDT-KA


Heather Moore has 18 years of experience training dogs and helping owners to modify their dogs’ problem behaviors. Her own dogs have titled in AKC Rally Obedience Novice and Advanced, and earned Therapy Dog Certifications.

Kat Rogers


Kat Rogers likes dogs about as much as dogs like peanut butter- which is to say, a lot. Kat is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and has attended the 2018 and 2019 APDT conferences. She has also attended the 2019 Clicker Expo and Pet Professional Guild conferences.

Cathy Johnson, CPDT-KA


Cathy has a deep love of animals and a passion for education that has led her to own a variety of pets and spend her life teaching people and training dogs for more than 20 years. Her goal in every training situation is to help people to train their dog to be the best companion possible through positive training methods.

Daniel Hunzicker


Daniel was born and raised in Middle Tennessee. He started his career working in IT where he helped manage the networks for a large insurance company. After several years of this, he realized he wanted a job that he could get excited about and would keep him more active. He then started working with animals.


Features & Services


First Class facilities

From boarding to training programs while you’re away, your pup will love his time spent at the Wag it Better facility.


Comprehensive Class Schedule

With our trainers’ advanced background, we offer a wide range of training class options. Find the class that’s right for your family, and a time that’s convenient for your schedule.


Private Training

If a class setting isn’t what you’re looking for, you can look into one of our private training options, including Latchkey Lassie or a Personalized 1:1 session.