Training & Services Overview


Which class is right for your family?

The key to training success is to put your pup into the right class for its age and obedience level

Here, you can find the complete run-down of classes that we offer at our Wag it Better training facilities. Read the descriptions and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the classes or their content.


Puppy Preschool


Puppy Preschool

A Perfect Starting Place for the New Puppy Owner - 4 Weeks (Rolling Admission) - $125

Puppy Preschool is for new puppies as young as 8 weeks old (must have 2 sets of shots please, lepto and rabies not required at this age for this class) up to 16 weeks. This class will get your puppy off to the right start. The instructor focuses on socialization. Playing with other puppies is a big part of this class. You will also learn to get your puppy off on the right foot! My puppy is biting me? He chews everything? When do I introduce a leash? Do I let my puppy on furniture? How do I get them not to jump? Answers to these questions will all be discussed throughout class. This class is an ongoing class and you can join any week as long as there is space! Check our registration page to see if you can register. Once you begin, you take 4 classes total coming once a week for 4 times. This is a great class to take while you wait on a Kinderpuppy or Star Puppy class to begin.





The First Step in your doG training journey - 6 Weeks $165

Kinderpuppy Class is the first step in your dog training journey! We’ll cover basic obedience commands such as sit, down, stay, leave it, wait at the door, watch me, walk on a loose leash, and come when called. Socialization is encouraged with both people and other puppies, and our trainers will be on hand to offer advice on house training, bite inhibition, jumping up and other inappropriate behaviors.

Kinderpuppy Class is for ages 12 to 24 weeks. Toy breeds may attend at any age. Classes are one hour per week over a six week period, with an orientation as the first week. Please do not bring your puppy to orientation. For puppies’ protection, they must have three DHLPP vaccinations plus a Kennel Cough (Bordatella) vaccination in order to attend. A Rabies vaccination is not necessary if your puppy is too young.


Just the Basics


Just the Basics

Good manners for every dog - 6 Weeks - $165

Just the Basics is a great introductory class for dogs six months of age or over. Build your relationship while teaching good manners and basic obedience commands such as sit, down, stand, stay, wait, leave it, watch me, walk on a loose leash, go to your bed, come, and hand signals. Topics include polite greetings. techniques for preventing unwanted behaviors, and appropriate dog to dog interactions. Classes are one hour per week over a six week period, with an orientation as the first week. Please do not bring your dog to orientation.


Canine Good Citizen


Canine Good Citizen

For canine Good citizens of all ages and aspirations - 6 Weeks - $165

This class is for puppies and young dogs that have completed the Kinderpuppy Class or for adult dogs who are ready to work towards their Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) certificate. Its an excellent preparatory class for therapy work as well!

Dogs learn to sit and down stay with distractions and at a distance, calmly greet people and other dogs, walk on a loose leash, and practice other skills from the CGC test. Lots of problem behavior solving included! The test will be given on the last day. Please visit the official AKC page for more information about this program.


Real Life 101


Real Life 101

Good behavior for every dog, in every setting - 6 Weeks - $165

Would you like to have a wonderful, well-behaved dog out in public? This course focuses on improving and refining the basic obedience skills learned in beginning and intermediate obedience. Emphasis is placed on “proofing” your dog. We will be working through distractions on all commands including sit and down stays, wait, come, leave it, and heeling. We also cover advanced skills (off-leash) including distance work. Your dog must be friendly to both people and dogs. We do begin working with the dogs on the first meeting. 


Canine Acting & Tricks


Canine Acting & Tricks

Challenge & entertain your Pup; delight your friends & family - 6 Weeks - $165

This class teaches many fundamental skills such as touch, foot, and take it, as well as, more traditional tricks such as “Bang You’re Dead,” “Say Your Prayers,” and “Roll Over.”

Beyond building your dog’s repertoire, your dog will become more responsive and more focused. You will also learn how to motivate your dog and how to shape his behavior. Please bring a small mat for your dog, lots of soft treats, a clicker and/or target stick (if you have them), and a four to six foot lead. We do begin working with the dogs on the first meeting.


Fall Fun


Fall Fun Class

It’s Fall, y’all! - 4 Weeks - $125

Come join us for our Fall Fun class. This 4 week class will proof all basic commands such as sit, down, stay, come, and leash walking. Each week will include games that push your pup to listen and obey while still having a blast in a fun setting. Class will encourage bonding with your dog and some friendly competition.

Dogs are required to have knowledge of basic commands. A basic obedience class is strongly suggested before attending. Due to the nature of this class, dog-friendly dogs only please. All ages invited.


AKC Rally


AKC Rally

Bond with your dog as you prepare for the AKC Rally Course - 6 Weeks - $165

AKC Rally is a companion sport to AKC Obedience. Rally is a sport in which the dog and handler complete a course that has been designed by the rally judge. The judge tells the handler to begin, and the dog and handler proceed at their own pace through a course of designated stations (10 – 20, depending on the level).

Each of these stations has a sign providing instructions regarding the next skill that is to be performed. More info can be found on the AKC website about Rally. This course will introduce you to what the rally signs mean, how to perform the rally skills, how to complete a course, and focus on the general working relationship with your dog. Skills such as heel, turns, come front, and general walking on leash will be covered during class plus many more. This class is for dogs that have completed a beginning obedience class and have knowledge of basic commands. The first class we will begin working with dogs.


Private Training


Private Training Details

Private training is perfect for specific behavior modifications - $125/session (1-2 hours)

Wag It Better is happy to offer private lessons with you and your dog.  In the comfort of your own home or in another location such as a park, we can begin to accomplish your goals and more.  We work with puppies as young as 8 weeks old, as well as adult and senior dogs!  We will design an individualized training program for your dog.  Whether it be basic commands, good manners, behavior modification, or just getting along with everyone in your household, we would be happy to help! Obedience includes (but is not limited to):

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Stay

  • Leave It

  • Come

  • Walking on loose leash

  • Heeling

Some of the problem behaviors we work with include:

  • Aggressive behavior towards people (including strangers, visitors to the home, family members, infants, and children)

  • Fighting with other dogs who live in the same home

  • Reactivity towards other dogs while leashed

  • Anxiety and fear, including separation anxiety and phobias

  • Nuisance barking

  • Problem behaviors including pulling on leash, jumping on people, counter-surfing and running away


Latch-Key Lassie


Latch-Key Lassie Details

Latch-Key Lassie means exceptional pet manners for even the busiest families - 10 sessions - $1000.00

If your busy schedule prevents you from spending the time training your dog, this program is designed for you. It’s a great way to get a puppy off to a solid start or help a dog with small behavior issues such as jumping or pulling on a leash. The first and last session will involve you, your dog, and the trainer. The ten sessions in between will be your dog and the trainer! Together we will design a program to fit what your dog needs to learn.