The Fearful Dog - Spanky's Story

I first met Spanky at Bedford County Animal Control on a day I was volunteering. Spanky was huddled in the back of his cage, afraid of anyone who passed him by or approached him. Spanky was a very fearful dog. There are many reasons why a dog may become fearful. For Spanky, it was because of the environment he was born into. He came from a particularly bad case of hoarding. Animals born into hoarding situations can become fearful from severe lack of socialization.

Seeing Spanky so scared was heartbreaking. I decided to devote my volunteer time to help train Spanky. I wanted to help him trust people, learn to play with other dogs, and eventually be ready to find a home where he could love and be loved! This kind of training focuses on building confidence and socialization to overcome fear.

I am happy to say that Spanky overcame his fear and found a home with a very loving family!

Here is Spanky’s story as I recorded it over the 7 months I worked with him: