The Chewing Puppy - Logan's Story

Puppies just come with no manners! They bite, chew, pee, play, and don’t have any rules. No rules until they come home with you. It is then your job to help them learn right from wrong. One of the most important concepts when training a puppy is to make sure you can not just tell them what they are doing wrong, but when they are doing something right as well. I go into so many homes and hear people tell their dog, “No, no, no” and they never give their dog a “yes.” It is important to follow every “No” with a “Yes” for your puppy. For example, you catch your irresistibly cute puppy chewing on the one chair in your living room that is your favorite and can’t be replaced and  you go to say “no.” You must then quickly give your puppy something appropriate to chew on and praise him.  That is his “yes.”

This is Logan and his family.  He is a 10 week old boxer puppy. He is a typical puppy who is wanting to chew on everything.  His family wants to teach him to chew on the appropriate toys that they bought for him rather than their belongings such as tennis shoes.  Logan must be supervised at all times so that when he decides to chew on something that does not belong to him, his owner can get his attention and correct him by giving him a toy that he is suppose to chew. Once he engages in the correct toy, his owner will praise him. If he cannot be watched, Logan spends his free time in his crate so that he cannot chew up something that does not belong to him.  He is doing well learning what he is allowed to chew on and what he is not allowed to put in his mouth.