Double Down: Kinderpuppy and Real Life 101 Pup-Pupil, North

Can I just say what a “shocker” ?? Going from life long companions of Labs to a Malinois pup?  Overwhelmed is an understatement. I could see right off the start our family needed some training advice, etc. 

Heather was so gracious to make the trip to our little farm and get me started on the right track as well as some great tips for future months.  We enrolled in the Kinderpuppy class and are now in the Real Life 101 class.  Our NORTH is  intelligent and thanks to Heather and the gang @ Wag It Better; the training is going great!!!  They have walked us through some confusing times and shown us amazing communication skills with our dog.  I highly recommend them to anyone interested in enhancing their relationship with their fur baby. 

-North and his humans, The Jones Pack

Kinderpuppy and Canine Good Citizen - Malinois Puppy North.jpeg