grace“We recently adopted a new dog and was in desperate need of guidance on how to effectively train her. Gracie is young and energetic which causes her to not pay attention so we were getting nowhere with training. I searched and found Heather at Wag It Better. Called, made the appointment, for one on one training at our home. Heather came over, accessed all our dogs but helped me work mainly with Gracie. I learned a lot about what we were doing wrong and how we were sending the wrong signals to all our dogs.  Without Heather, we would never have known these things. Heather worked with us for a little over an hour, and by the time she left, I had a better understanding on what we, as dog parents, needed to do to help our new dog be a more well-mannered dog. Here Gracie is doing ‘wait’ while I work in the laundry room. Before, she would come in and get into the trash and just basically be in the way while I was doing laundry; now she ‘waits’ at the kitchen rug. Dog training is a process and it’s not done quickly but Heather is always there with tips and answers to my questions. We will continue using Wag It Better for our dogs training needs and I highly recommend Wag It Better to anyone who needs training for their dogs.” – Paula, Gracie’s Mom


lab“Just wanted to say thank you for teaching our family how to use the …”Leave it” command with our Doodles. She had been put to the test tonight while I was baking and dropped chocolate in the floor. Of course she was watching every move I made, but when I told her to “leave it” and she sat and looked at me! The chocolate sat there with her watching until I could get a free hand and pick it up! All I could think was “WOW! It worked!!” We totally celebrated and she got a couple safe treats of her own!!” – April, Doodle’s Mom


grace“It is with pleasure I recommend Heather Moore of Wag It Better as an outstanding dog trainer. Heather worked with my rescue dog, Gracie, privately to help her overcome her fear of new situations. Additionally, Heather taught me many effective strategies during three different group classes. With practice, Gracie has turned into a calm, confident, happy, and well-adjusted dog. I have started my second rescue dog, Coveia, a puppy, with great results! Heather makes dog training easy to understand and fun for owner and dog!”



“Just had a great training session with Heather Banias Moore! Shiner did GREAT (one proud mama here – even if he is listening to others better than me right now….all in time…..). Very excited to be getting him back on track!” – Linda, Shiner’s Momgrace