Camp Wag

Camp Wag is a board a train program where Heather will train your dog for you at her home. It can be just for a short stay while you go out of town, or several weeks to learn the basics.
Your dog will enjoy long walks in the country and practice leash manners daily. There is playtime with other friendly dogs and puppies if your dog enjoys interacting with others. Camp Wag offers pool time when weather permits.
Heather only takes 1-2 dogs at a time so your pup will get individual attention and even joins in on her family time with her kids and husband.
This is great for a dog if you do not have the time to spend training or lack the consistency. Puppies and adult dogs are welcome. Heather is happy to work with fearful dogs, but cannot take dog/dog aggression cases at Camp. (She is happy to work with aggression cases through her private lesson program.)

You are updated on your dogs progress via Facebook or texts throughout their stay. Typically, Heather will keep a dog 2-3 weeks to train the “basics.”  This program is also a great way to keep training going while you are away or just to brush up on a few items you need some extra help with while training your dog.
Contact Heather today to get on her schedule! Fill out a registration form below once you have confirmed dates with her.

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